Maids, housekeepers, home cleaning – many different names describe one important job, keeping homes neat and tidy for families.  Those who know this industry know that it may not always be glamorous, but it does hold professionalism in the highest regard.  Home Cleaning Service businesses need to stay organized, especially when it comes to schedules and logistics.  CRM Software can make cleaning up the office organization a snap.

CRM Software for Home Cleaning Services can accomplish many tasks related to scheduling.  For example, all customers can be listed in the CRM database.  Once customers are listed in the database, a profile exists with all of the contact information, open invoices, past orders, notes, a button to call the client, and even the birthday listing.  This is a major help to those in the home cleaning service who know that a touch of familiarity goes a long way when it comes to client satisfaction.  Customers generally like to have good relationships with the people they employ to clean their home as it creates a sense of trust.

CRM maintains calendar functions and task delegation, meaning that assignments are easily delivered to staff members or team managers.  The schedule can be reviewed in daily, weekly, or monthly formats.  Items can be rearranged using drag and drop technology, so making changes poses no challenge.  If the meeting is associated with a client, the client can be linked to it.  From that screen, the user can speak to the client by phone, email the client, or send the client a text (SMS) message.  This tool comes in handy when scheduling appointments, confirming appointments, or letting a client know that a cleaning team is on their way.

One of the challenges of taking on a new client or hiring new staff is using unfamiliar directions to find the homes that need cleaning.  CRM Software with GPS Tools shows maps without even clicking out of the software.  The street view tool gives the driver a clue as to where he is going before they head out.  This saves time and money.  If staff members have access to the mobile application, which is easy to do thanks to user permission settings, they can review GPS on the road.  Managers can also see the location of the user.  An additional feature of the mobile application is that it does accept payment, so the cleaning team can accept payment on the spot, if need be.

It is no wonder that CRM Software for Home Cleaning Services is becoming a popular request at CRM RUNNER.  If you own a home cleaning services business and you are shopping for CRM Software, try CRM RUNNER with a 14-day  free trial today.