Business growth is reliant on sales enhancement. Sustainability of sales and its incremental improvement is dependent on the right tracking of every unit. This is possible by our potent tool of stock management. Our Inventory management tool creates a robust supply chain by focusing on order fulfillment and gives a complete overview of your stock items.  We offer top-shelf inventory software to optimize inventory management.

Improve Sales

  • Broaden your business horizons online using our inventory management system in multiple channels.
  • Avoid overstock by maintaining stable inventory software. Our inventory software system helps you manage serial numbers and remove stock redundancies. Inventory management software lets your correct prices in tune with supply.
  • Enhance your ROI by maintaining the right level of specificity in your stocks using inventory management software.
  • Increase customer performance by simplifying the order procedures. This ensures that customer convenience in finishing purchases.

Order Management

  • Handle orders in both offline and online with efficiency using our management system.
  • Our software helps you in the creation of purchase orders, drop shipments and backorders in a unique integrated inventory management software application.
  • Get a fast summary of sales orders through a unique dashboard. Get instant analytics on the different stages in order fulfillments like pending, packaged and delivered.

Start to finish tracking

  • You can easily track every product or batch with a serial number in your inventory. Our inventory software increases your profit margin by preventive maintenance.
  • You need stable operations and guaranteed warranty compliance to maintain top-level of production.
  • Inventory is a critical asset and consistency in stock levels id paramount in order fulfillment. Get low stock alerts using our automated alerts feature of inventory management software.

Integration of Accounting and CRM data

  • Our software allows consistent integration between CRM and customer orders. The continuous synchronization between contacts and orders create a perfect management ecosystem for financial data.
  • Our inventory management software helps you rationalize different business operation and enhance productivity from bottom to top.
  • Collect valuable data of customers to empower your enterprise by having a 360-degree perception regarding the buying patterns, order history and demographics of the customers.
  • Integration of our inventory software with the CRM Software ensures top quality for data entry and reduces the incidence of errors.

Multiple Shipping Consolidations

  • Get access to shipping rates in real-time with our inventory management software.
  • Achieve money savings in operations by making comparisons in carries in real-time
  • The shipping tasks of your enterprise are automated by the elimination of errors and following specific business rules on your orders.
  • Get post-shipment updates with our inventory software. Increase the trust factor of customers in your enterprise by keeping them in the loop line with updated tracking alerts.

Warehouse Stock management

  • Get a view on your best & low selling items by the generation of reports on inventory levels in particular warehouses.
  • Achieve the right storage functionality and regulate the actions of staff by using warehouse stock management.
  • Get complete knowledge regarding product transfer across warehouses to get real-time access to inventory movement.
  • Accomplish scalability in enterprise operation by guaranteeing trustworthy communication using our cloud-based inventory software.