Don’t waste your hard-earned money on software that your team won’t use. Implement the one that can give your employees the power to easily manage complex payroll processes from the ground up.

See into the features of CRM Runner that helps structure employee data in a structured way, manage pay structures, payroll information, and generate pay-slips etc. in an automated way. In addition, you can manage employee attendance, calculate leaves, process salary – all effortlessly, by using the time clock and timesheet.

Let’s check what more ways CMR Runner can help the payroll processes.

  • Track employee login and logout times
  • Keep a track of teams and even individual employees
  • Update schedules with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Review in and out time of employees
  • Monitor on-field movement of employees with integrated GPS tracking system
  • Track the location and route of on-field employees thus minimizing wastage of office hours
  • Monitor work hours
  • Add to customer invoice
  • Keep a track of employees in direct payroll and vendor payroll along with their attendance

As an integrated CRM Software to manage the front-facing side of a business, CRM Runner is designed to perform several vital business management tasks including invoicing, inventory management, expense tracking, and transaction management among others.

  • Understand prospective and current clients
  • Record interactions with customers
  • Manage business pipelines
  • Oversee prospecting
  • Create and evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Nurture relationships and sales opportunities
  • Track sales

CRM Runner automates more than 40 vital business management tasks that all charge per user. No matter how many people work at your company, CRM Runner can be the key to your ultimate business management solution and a prop to your business success.

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