In order to develop effective marketing campaigns, we need to have the right data, understand target audiences inside and out – who they are, their interests, their favorite communication channels, and so on. But collecting and organizing all of that data is a real challenge.

That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes into play. Used by sales and support teams, CRM Software like CRM Runner house all customer data in detail that marketers need to create targeted and personalized campaigns.

Let’s talk a little more about why and how CRM Runner is used in marketing and improves your marketing efforts.

  • Email the new contacts from the saved distribution lists
  • Draft the email with the option to format
  • Add attachments directly from the database
  • Send SMS to connect with customers in support of your brand’s voice
  • Plan and run your multiple marketing campaigns from a single dashboard to manage the CRM campaigns
  • Collate and manage customer-prospect detailed data in a cloud database
  • Run your campaigns based on relevant content template and specific audience segments
  • Use the email blast feature to deliver your message to all your potential leads/customers
  • Deliver your message directly to customer’s mobile phone
  • Get the short code widget to get new leads and communicate with them easily and efficiently

CRM Runner is designed to manage and streamline your marketing campaigns up to delivering optimal outcomes. You can also align various marketing campaigns and combine them based on the CRM campaign management dashboard. Putting all those together, the CRM Runner software helps you maximize the ROI by optimizing the right campaigns and channels.

Wrapping Up

CRM Runner features marketing automation capabilities of the best level. By using it, you can create and track the performance of marketing campaigns, enable marketers to more effectively test and iterate their messaging to have the highest impact. You will get the data and execution strategy to improve your marketing efforts.

With the implementation of the CRM Runner system, you can reduce paper usage, remove redundancy and streamline efficiency while working with customer details. Businesses can make their entire employees aware of where their customers are in a relationship with CRM Runner at all times. Even warehousing departments can initiate the action after a sale to communicate delivery and installation plans with clients.

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