If you want to improve efficiency of your sales team, implement a CRM system to the sales funnel. A CRM system can help improve business relationships with customers, streamline or optimize its sales process, and increase profitability.

With the implementation of a CRM system into your business’ sales funnel, you can allow your sales people spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base. It will also help you manage your sales process, store and manage contacts, improve communications with customers, increase productivity, and more.

Let’s check more ways that a sales team can reap benefits from a CRM system.

Find the right customers

There is a saying that over 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales due to not using a CRM system by businesses. A business might have spent time and resources attracting and generating new leads, but many often that business misses to pass on the leads to its sales team. As a result, many of those leads remain unevaluated whether they have been really hottest or not. When a business implements a CRM software to its sales process, it can make the most of your marketing tools — email, social, marketing automation — by connecting them to a CRM platform.

Build more sustainable relationships

Building a deeper customer relationship is the key to sustaining success. You have to develop a deep understanding of your customer’s business, explore their challenges, engage with relevancy, and establish a one-to-one relationship. With the implementation of a CRM system, you can connect with your customers faster and easier, such as by hosting email templates, setting up task reminders, and enabling phone calls, among others.

Increase employee productivity

It’s proven that high-performing salespeople are identified as the power users of CRM technology. Take the example of a GPS tracking system feature in a CRM platform. A sales team can improve their sales performance through real-time updates of pipelines, closed deals and movement maps of every single sales representative deployed on the field. By adopting the right CRM software, you can free up your sales teams from process-heavy tasks and give them more time to connect with customers.


CRM systems can enable sales teams to synchronize their activities and base them on the best practices. It also offers them a safe and secure platform to share real-time important business information.

CRM Runner offers end-to-end management solutions and is designed to digitally transform, develop and accelerate business competitive edge and its sales growth.

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