It is critically important, as a solar contractor, to nurture your leads and manage your sales pipeline closely. You rely on a steady stream of jobs, so any missed opportunities mean money from your pocket. That is where a CRM comes in that will maintain the organization, streamline your prospects, leads, and clients. It will also provide you the key information so that you always know how to focus on your sales and marketing activities. It is important to keep in mind customer management, analytics, financing, operations, and asset service to improve your business when distributed solar energy is so cost heavy.

Once you’ve made the sale, your job does not stop, you have got your operations still to run! That’s where CRM software provides you with powerful tools for managing your employees in the field, your inventory, your billing, and your subs. On each job, and even each task on a job, you will be able to analyze your profits, so you know how much money you make and you can feel confident in your offers.

1) Managing your customers

Customer management begins with the administration of customer relationships (CRM). It is important to manage leads, create reports, and develop workflows when you start a scalable business. CRM applications help to handle these procedures. For solar companies, CRM gives you a central view of every interaction, customer engagement, employee engagement. The trust of the customer is based on how realistic the product’s services are. The deeper the client’s relationship is the more you provide the better services. You have to know about the history of your client for this. So, a CRM has all the records of your customers who are part of the profile of the company. Not only the current customers but also the potential customers are alert.

2) Accuracy 

Solar is a growing industry in which there is still no regulation or compliance to forecast the savings. Accuracy is crucial, however. For clients, it is important to know exactly where their savings are coming from. CRM can make it easy for the installer to quickly calculate savings for clients.

3) Time Saving 

With the support of CRM software, all the activities of any business are done with utmost efficiency. CRM has all the information about other deals, constructors, labor, and customers, their feedback. In this way, CRM communicates with clients and also provides them with the best services. Therefore it is a time-saving way to run the company. It is essential for each moment, so dealing with CRM is beneficial for your company. CRM solves staff/builders’ issues, manages leads, and builds customer relationships.

4) Enhance Staff Satisfaction  

CRM not only provides the best features for clients, but also for employees. CRM has complete knowledge of the staff members, such as how empowered they are, and also helps them solve customer problems.


The best software for solar firms is customer relationship management. As all the tasks are completed in one place with the various CRM features. You can access it via your mobile phone, and it’s not difficult to use it. You can say that for your solar business, it is the best decision. In addition, this is both time-saving and cost-effective software that meets all your requirements.