The ability of CRM systems to streamline and accelerate sales processes, making it less expensive and simpler to close deals and promote growth, has led to their widespread adoption across the majority of industries over the past ten years. However, CRM Runner offers benefits that cover all departments of an insurance company and offers an immediate, organizational-wide return on adoption, doing much more than just enhancing the sales process.

CRM Runner Make Policy Sales Easier

A CRM Runner is primarily a sales tool. In order to successfully acquire (and retain) policyholders, agents and brokers need systems that enhance the lead collection, lead management, and relationship-building.

New Policy Sales

By enhancing an agency’s capacity to gather, manage, and use leads, CRM Runner assists agents in closing more sales of new insurance policies. The vast majority of new policy sales in the contemporary insurance market start with online self-service. Even customers seeking live agent assistance frequently use the internet to compare prices and obtain quotes first. When a prospect requests a quote, CRM Runner can retrieve the information they provide and use it to automatically generate a new lead account in the database.

Policy Upsales

The ability to spot upsell opportunities are provided by keeping an uninterrupted record of contacts with both prospects and current clients. The insurance industry is currently experiencing constant change as a result of new risks, including pandemics, technological advancements, and more. Customers value a partner in insurance who can closely monitor their changing risk profiles and guarantee that their policies always provide the coverage they require.

CRMs for Insurance Boost Overall Productivity

CRM Runner can fully centralize and extensively automate many of an agency’s daily tasks, which has productivity benefits that extend beyond sales. CRM Runner saves everyone a significant amount of time, cuts down on resource waste, and allows staff members to concentrate on the most crucial facets of their jobs by reducing the number of platforms they have to juggle.

Automate Tasks

All of the best insurance CRMs have automation as a core component because it increases user productivity and reduces human error by letting the system handle many of the most typical and repetitive tasks. Lead generation, lead classification, outgoing follow-up contacts, mass email marketing campaigns, invoicing and reminders, schedule updates, and many other tasks can all be automated by users.

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