In terms of business software, CRM RUNNER is undoubtedly the best-in-class, particularly in terms of managing work field installations. This software is feature-rich and has collaborative functions for scheduling work. Its most important advantage is the ability to track employees in real-time.

The following benefits of CRM RUNNER for tracking are included:

  • See where the staff and customers are on a satellite map
  • Keep track of the team’s location and route while they are driving
  • Obtain the exact location of the site up to 10 meters using site images
  • On my Way feature informs the client when the technical team is on its way

With CRM RUNNER software, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint where staff and customers are. Plus, tracking and tracing features aren’t the only features available. Besides GPS tracking, the VOIP-bundled Field Management Platform also offers many advantages.

A real-time call offers valuable insight into how your business is doing through every interaction you have with your customers. In the case of successful leaders, these calls can function as a good example, and in the case of failed leaders, they can serve as a reminder. The real-time logging is handled by VOIP CRM integration.

Better Customer Experience: 

In a VoIP CRM Software, agents are directed to the client’s profile to ensure the best possible customer service.

Closed-Loop Analytics: 

By using closed analytics, sales and marketing teams can share data with each other.

Increased Efficiency: 

The software can bypass the menial task of looking up client information, thus eliminating the grunt work of finding client information.

Nowadays, accessibility is a crucial part of the hyper-informational environment. If not used properly, it can be a setback. As a result, CRM RUNNER software is a powerful tool that you should learn how to use in order to remain competitive.