How do you communicate with existing and prospective customers? E-mail is probably a core part of the equation, no matter what your industry. Even in the face of newer alternatives, the most popular form of digital communication around the globe has been consistently found to be.

At the same time, especially as your business grows, that same communication channel can also become difficult. Put simply, you will find yourself not having the time to send individual emails thanking new customers for their purchase or encouraging existing customers to come back. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are now several solutions that can help you automate your emails, without losing the personal touch that makes it so effective. Find the right CRM Software for business, and set it up the right way, and email becomes a technology that saves you and everyone on your team valuable time.

The Core Benefits of Email Automation

Saving time, of course, is just one of the many benefits that automating your emails brings with it. Besides, consider:

Automated emails allow your business to follow up in a more timely fashion. Regardless of when your customers make a purchase or ask for more information about your business, you can follow up almost immediately.

In your digital communication, automated emails introduce a measure of consistency. Everyone gets the same (though slightly customized) message, allowing you to create a brand presence that’s more consistent and credible. Automated emails, if you use the right CRM software, are trackable. By evaluating your open and click-through rates, you gain a better idea of which messages work, and make adjustments as necessary.

What About the Personal Touch?

Many businesses first considering this option for their needs are worried about losing the personal touch. If an individual sends a message, they can tailor it specifically to their audience’s needs. That’s crucial, considering that personalized emails have significantly higher open, click-through, and transaction rates.

Fortunately, most CRM Software for business allows at least some degree of personalization. You can, for instance, dynamically substitute information you have about individual contacts into an email message. Variables such as the first name of each recipient will increase the relevance for each marketing email you receive.

Another option is to segment your lists of audiences, increasing targeted messages. For example, you can sort your contact list by residency, and send a different email to contacts in your state than you would to those in another state.

Linking Automated and Individual Communication

Of course, some email messages will always need to be personal and individual. When a customer reaches out directly to one of your sales reps or replies to one of your automated emails, the personal touch becomes too important to be automated. At the same time, that doesn’t diminish the significant benefits of automation for other messages.

Thank you emails, for instance, lend themselves particularly well to this type of information. A confirmation of your audience’s contact request or online purchase can easily be automated. Similarly, an automated lead nurturing flow can help you nudge new contacts toward becoming customers without needing much if any manual touches.

Finding the Right CRM Software For Your Email Automation Needs

Automating your emails can save you significant time, taking into account its many advantages, and improve your business efficiency. To make this possible, you must, of course, find a software platform that is easy to set up, affordable and allows for some of the above-mentioned customization options.

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