Hair stylists can work in a variety of settings – schools, private salons, rented chairs, and at home.  For those who run their own business, as an individual or as a shop owner, CRM Software for hairstylists is an invaluable tool to have in their arsenal.  Hairstylists have a great profession because people will always need haircuts, so demand is relatively high.  Yet, when demand is high, the market is more competitive.  How can hairstylists maintain a competitive edge in their local markets?  They can gain more clients by showing great professionalism and organization and by solid marketing efforts.  CRM Software does both.

Showing Professionalism and Organization for Today’s Hairstylist

Many clients shop hairstylists based on two components – personality and ability to create the right look.  As much as clients return to a hairstylist for the haircut they adore, they return because they enjoy sitting in the stylist’s chair.  Whether the hairstylist is chatty or focused, vibrant or reserved, the customers who come back like them how they are!  CRM Software allows hairstylists and barbers to take notes on the customer preferences in the software.  The client, for example, is stored in the store or stylist’s software system.  This is handy for marketing later.  In this case, it is also handing for customer relationship development.  The stylist can take notes on the personality, personal life, and hair style preferences of the client.  When the customer returns, it will be easy for the stylist to remember the client likes a number two on the sides, scissor cut on the top – because it is written in the notes.  The notes may also say that the client is a dad with two daughters.  “How are the girls?” makes the client realize you remember who he is, offering relationship-building.  But maybe he prefers to be quiet during the haircut, so you remember to keep the conversation short after that.  The busy stylist finds relief in these quick notes that make it seem like the stylist remembers the customer like an old friend.  And so long as that haircut remains of high quality, the client will be back for his next cut.  This is also very useful in salons or shops with more than one hairstylist.

The organization factor of CRM Software comes in it how allows its users to generate invoices and process payments using templates and an intuitive design.  Stylists do not have to rely on a handwritten receipt when they have CRM applications.  All past receives are saved to the client’s name, and because all invoices are saved in the software and linked to the payment management system of your choice, running financial reports is easier than ever before.

CRM Software makes Marketing Easier for Hairstylists

If stylists book appointments immediately after the cut, they can schedule them using CRM Software.  Later, the customer can be notified by phone, email, or text (SMS) messaging.  A quick reminder of the appointment will help encourage the client to keep it.  If the client needs to change it, drag-and-drop functionality in the customer makes the adjustment easy to make.  As leads visit the hairstylists website, the software creates a list of potential clients.  Marketing messages can be drafted in the CRM program’s text editor and sent in bulk.  This is also a useful in sending past customers promotions. The options are endless when it comes to marketing initiatives using CRM software.

A top choice in CRM Software for hairstylists is CRM RUNNER.  This customizable CRM software comes packed with the tools needed to drive a successful hairstylist business.  If you are ready to give it a try, contact us now for a 14-day free trial.