DJs are booked a variety of events in today’s market. From fancy weddings and fun fiestas de quinceañera, to posh hotel parties and exclusive private concerts, DJs find themselves doing a little bit of everything it appears.  This is true when a professional DJ runs his own business, as well.  These entrepreneurial DJs need to act as their own managers sometimes, which can make running a DJ business a little more challenging than many people might think.  It is not always banging beats and free drinks; that’s for sure!  It is actually a lot of hard work, business strategy, and professionalism. To stay on top of it all, Event DJ CRM Software is another tool every DJ needs.

DJs can use Event DJ CRM Software for a variety of reasons:

  1. Get more work. To get more clients, DJs have to put themselves out there.  Promotion is a major part of the industry.  If you aren’t actively promoting your business, as a DJ, then you are missing out.  CRM Software for DJs can help with this.  It offers landing pages to bank on leads who visit your website.  It also organizes distribution lists, so when you have new music, promotions, concerts, or other information to share, you can get the news out to your public with a few clicks.
  2. Create and send estimates, quotations, and invoices. Using CRM Software, DJs can conduct business professionally.  The ability to generate an estimate, quotation, or invoice, will make it easier to impress your contacts with your professional way of doing business.  You can also use CRM Software to accept credit card or debit card payments.  Contracts can be sent through the software, too.  The software collects a signature electronically and stores the document for you.  This is true even on the go thanks to a mobile version of a CRM software application.
  3. Manage their to-do lists. Managing a to-do list can be tough for many creative people.  Using a computer system to track it makes it easier, especially if you can delegate tasks to a team member.
  4. Manage their calendar. DJs have a lot of events.  They cannot afford to double book themselves.  The calendar application helps them avoid disaster in this regard.  Drag and drop capabilities mean updating the calendar is easy, too.
  5. Track event locations. DJs go all over for their work.  They may find themselves in Los Angeles one day and Las Vegas the next.  If they are driving, they need to track mileage.  GPS tools give directions, track your whereabouts, and more.
  6. Use the software on the go. As stated, the mobile version of this software makes it all the more powerful in everyday usage.

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