Being a travel agent today is no easy feat.  With more people staying home and reading, you will have your work cut out for you to convince them that travel is worth the money.  Travel agents have already lost many clients as the internet has made buying travel packages easier than ever.  For today’s travel agent, special clients still come in the door (or the email inbox in some cases).  These clients include group tours, older people, wealthier people, and those afraid of the internet.  Travel agents know that they are the ones with the best deals and the most connections, but how does one get that message across to the general public?  With Travel Agent CRM Software.

To run a successful business, travel agents need to use Travel Agent CRM Software. CRM stands for customer relationship manager.  Sure, many clients are one-time travelers.  Others keep coming back for more.  There are the snowbirds who need help with the winter getaways.  There are the student groups who need help booking a trip to Paris for 35.  There are the grandmothers who want to visit their grandchildren across the country.  All these customers are important.  Any good travel agent knows that already. What they might now is how valuable CRM Software is.  Here are five reasons why.

  1. Find more customers. Securing more customers doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge for travel agents.  Today, you could be finding would-be travelers while you catch some z’s by using a landing page.  A landing page is a website specifically created to rank highly in search engine results.  When people search the web for words like “travel agent near me” or “book a vacation with a travel agent,” you want them to find your company.  Perhaps a landing page is a key tool for today’s travel agent.  On the website, potential customers can complete a client interest form which will send the contact information straight into your CRM software.
  2. Finish the sale with a sales funnel. Using a sales funnel, you can offer customers the adequate amount of attention as they inch closer to making up their mind.  The sales funnel shows where a customer finds himself in the process of booking a vacation, trip, or tour.  You can even assign customer contact to your most apt sales lead.
  3. Send estimates (and invoices). When you reach a certain point with a potential customer, they are going to ask what the price is of their planned trip.  When you send an estimate, you can let the Travel Agent CRM Software do the work for you.  The software creates a template on your behalf.  That quotation, if it sounds good to the customer, can be signed off on electronically and turned into an invoice – all with a few clicks.  What a timesaver!
  4. Keep in touch. Creating a strong relationship with your clients can help your business blossom.  Send out newsletters, email blasts, birthday greetings, or holiday cards. The Travel Agent CRM Software can help you track that process as well as send out the information.
  5. Chat internally. When you do all of these steps, you need to communicate with your customers.  A chat feature lets you talk with your team within the software.

Travel Agent CRM Software is a helpful tool.  Learn more by contacting CRM RUNNER today; trials are available.