Website designers are kind of like the superheroes of the internet.  They do all kinds of lifesaving work for companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations.  They come through when we need help, and yet, live behind the mask with a sort of secret identity that goes unknown to the public.  Every superhero needs a little help now and then, perhaps from a handy sidekick.  The sidekick every superhero web designer needs is CRM Software for web designers.

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  This software helps website designers stay on top of their business.  Here are five helpful features CRM Software for web designers offers:

Invoices:  Getting invoices paid while designing a website can be a real pain.  Whether you have an office manager, an accounts receivable person (or department), or it’s just little old you, you know that sending invoices is an important part of any web design business.  Getting those invoices paid is even more important!  To make life easier, CRM applications for website designers make sending and collecting payment on invoices easier than ever.  The software maintains a template, using your company logo, that can be sent to your clients with ease.

Landing pages:  Even website designers can enjoy a good shortcut.  Those in the industry know the value of a good landing page for marketing efforts.  If you don’t have time to create your own, you can let the CRM software do it for you.  The landing page collects potential client information and stores it in the database so that you can reach out to potential clients.  This could definitely help increase that bottom line.

GPS:  Do you get lost thinking about where your clients are?  Do you need help finding those clients on a nap?  If you have your clients’ addresses, you can see their location in real time on a map.  If you will be heading out to a client’s location for a meeting, you can use the CRM software to track mileage as well as give you a “street view” of where you are heading.  That’s convenience!

Permissions:  The funny thing about running a small or medium business is that you get to a point where you don’t need everybody accessing all of your company’s information for security reasons.  You can grant permissions to different users who log into the CRM Software.  This helps make your business more efficient.

E-sign documents:  When it comes to contracts, estimates, and agreements, electronic signature can be a dream come true.  You can email documents to clients for electronic signature.  Then, you can store those signed documents in the searchable database.  No more lost files and days spent organizing faxes and pdf attachments.

These five features show why CRM Software for web designers is so valuable.  Not all heroes wear capes; the savviest heroes have CRM Software. Rely on CRM RUNNER for your website design CRM software needs.