What are the benefits of CRM software? Up to 60% of CRM projects fail to meet expectations, according to a staggering 30% of companies who admit to not using any CRM tools at all. CRM systems, on the other hand, can boost productivity by as much as 26% when implemented properly.

Here are 5 serious business benefits of using CRM Runner:

  1. Keep your company organized

One of the most significant benefits of crm for business is the ability to keep your team and company organized. You won’t have to rely on endless spreadsheets, tattered notepads, or scribbles on the back of any scrap of paper; everything will be neatly stored online, allowing your entire company to sing harmoniously from the same hymn sheet. CRM Runner comes with a mobile app that means you’re always connected to the pulse of your business. Easy peasy!

  1. It’s secure

Your employees can leave at any time, and in the past, this meant taking their little black books, and all of their customer information with them. CRM Runner acts as a safety net, ensuring that all of your valuable customer information stays that way.

  1. It makes communication easier

A CRM system effortlessly empowers you and your colleagues to work smarter, whether you’re communicating internally or with your customers. Whether you work in marketing, sales, customer success, or the warehouse, having a fully accessible set of crm for business development tools will help everyone on your team learn more about your customers.

  1. Better marketing

You don’t want to send your latest whitepaper or news from the construction industry to your customers in the automotive aftermarket. It’s simply sloppy marketing. That’s where CRM Runner stands out: for any marketer worth their salt, storing the information that matters to your business about each contact is a game-changer.

  1. Track the customer journey

One of the most important features of CRM Runner is that it allows you to track your customers’ exact movements from the moment they first interact with you until they become customers. Sales, marketing, and customer success can all use this data to determine the effectiveness of their respective departments.

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