Tailor and Seamstress CRM Software can help your tailoring business grow in ways you have never imagined.

People turn to a tailor or seamstress for one reason – to adjust or readjust the fit of some article of clothing or a piece of fabric.  These professionals can truly create miracles.  When a dress doesn’t fit like it used to fit, enters the seamstress to save the day.  Whether bringing the dress in a little, or letting it out a little, or changing the hem, or adding sleeves, or taking sleeves off, or adding embellishments like sequins or lace, they know just what to do.  They are handy with a needle and some thread.  They are miracle workers, truly.

One miracle they can’t work, though, not without a little help at least, is high-quality business organization.  A tailor has many tools to get his work done, but the tool he should consider investing in next is none other than Tailor and Seamstress CRM Software.

Today’s professional can take advantage of the many tools offered by powerful Tailor and Seamstress CRM Software.  Here are three to consider.

  1. On-the-go functionality. Have kit, will travel.  That is the philosophy of some tailors and seamstresses today.  Their motto is if it doesn’t fit, we’ll come to you!  if you are on-the-go tailor, then you need software that can keep up!  CRM Software has mobile capabilities, so all the information you have in the main office goes on the road with you.  Whether you want to look at payroll or send an estimate, the capability is there.  That’s good news!
  2. Anybody who sews clothing knows the value of a reliable template.  When it comes to estimates, invoices, and so on, templates make the work a lot easier.  Gone are the days of carbon copy receipts and scratch paper notes.  CRM Software gives you the tools you need to send professional-looking paperwork quickly and painlessly.
  3. Task assignments. If you are part of a team, then you may need to delegate your work from time to time. It isn’t easy to track who is doing what, that is unless you have good Tailor and Seamstress CRM Software.  You can assign tasks to colleagues and check on progress.  You can use tools like the project room to track notes on big assignments.  Maybe this isn’t necessary for a quick job, but if you are working on a complicated wedding dress or serving a whole studio full of dancers, this tool will sure come in handy!

The toolbox provided by Tailor and Seamstress CRM Software helps business operate smoothly.  To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today for a free trial.