Writing an e-book is profitable today.  With more people staying home and reading, there is a big demand for consumable reading.  The way some people take on this demand is by hiring a ghostwriter to produce an e-book.  If you are an e-book writer, you already know that the time you are most profitable is when you are writing.  Spending time on the logistical side of your business is necessary, but it doesn’t yield a lot of return when compared to the product (text) you actually offer.

To run a business, e-book ghost writers need to use CRM Software for e-book ghostwriters. CRM stands for customer relationship manager.  Sure, many clients are one-time gigs.  Others are repeat clients.  And then, there is another group that is more interesting – those who believe they will be one-time buyers and find themselves in need of another e-book.

The truth is these e-book ghostwriters would benefit from CRM Software for e-book ghostwriters.  Here are four reasons why:

  1. Find more clients. Finding more clients doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge for an e-book ghostwriter.  In fact, they could be finding clients while they sleep by using a landing page.  A landing page is a website specifically designed to rank well in search engines.  When people search the web for words like “hire an e-book ghostwriter” or “e-book ghostwriters for hire,” you want them to find your name.  If you play your cards right (i.e. use a landing page), they will find your website.  On the website, they can fill out a client interest form which will import the contact information of the lead directly into the software.
  2. Close deals with a sales funnel. Using the sales funnel, you can give clients the proper amount of attention as they come closer and closer to signing a deal.  The sales funnel shows where a client is in the process of signing the deal.  From there, you can assign tasks to your most qualified team member.
  3. Send estimates (and invoices). When you reach a certain point with a potential client, they are going to want to talk dollars and cents.  When you send an estimate, you can let the CRM Software for e-book ghostwriters do the work for you.  The software can generate a template for you.  That estimate, if agreed upon, can be signed electronically and turned into an invoice – all with a few clicks.  That saves time!
  4. Follow up more often. Creating a unique bond with your customers can grow your business.  Whether you send out newsletters, email blasts, birthday greetings, or holiday cards, the CRM Software for e-book ghostwriters can help you track that process as well as send out the information.  Contacts can be made by email, phone, and even SMS (text) messaging.   Stay in contact. Close more deals.

CRM Software for e-book ghostwriters is a powerful tool.  Learn more by contacting CRM RUNNER today.