What is Customer Relationship Management Software and How Can it Help You Grow Your Business?

The role of a Customer Relationship Management system continues to evolve.  What was once a spreadsheet with some beefed up features now integrates with other popular tools to allow business owners to more effectively manage all of their business.

Online CRM platforms are becoming essential for all businesses to meet the expectations of today’s customers.  With so many ways to communicate via the web, tracking communications with customers and prospects has become increasingly challenging.  CRM software can help boost sales, increase customer retention and decrease workload.

Businesses who are in the growth phase must streamline processes and look to maintain excellent rapport with their customers.  Many businesses that chose to use an effective CRM in their day to day operations were able to grow more quickly because of increased efficiency.


Customer Relationship Management


What is a Customer Relationship Management Software?

Also known as a “CRM,” customer relationship management software is a tool used to keep track of interactions with existing and potential customers.  When asked to define CRM, business owners are quick to discuss how having the needed tools to keep everything in one place improved their business.  Reasons vary from industry to industry as some businesses see more benefit from sales and lead tracking while other businesses get more bang for their buck with reporting features.

Each business has it’s own needs and each type of customer management relationship software has it’s own features and preferred style of use.  Across the board – all CRM systems have some basic functionality that any business can see results with.  The more growth a business begins to see, the more likely considering additional features in a CRM becomes.


What does a CRM do?

A customer relationship management software provides and easy to use solution for management of information between colleges and customers.  Housing data about prospects and interactions with current customers, a reliable CRM can become invaluable when bringing on new staff to support business growth.

Once an online CRM system is implemented, every bit of information is tracked and recorded in relevant customer files.  Emails, phone calls, presentations and even service requests are often recorded with built-in features of a customer relationship management software.  With the popularity of social media comes the need to integrate and track communications from customers interacting with a business on via those channels.  Additional features like scheduling follow-ups and adding notes to accommodate client preferences are among the reasons you need a CRM to grow your business.

Keeping track of staff, inventory and customer interactions are some of the most loved features of customer relationship management software. Business owners across the globe have found that they see actual results with an effective CRM system.


Who can benefit from using a Customer Relationship Management Software?

Nearly every business can benefit from continued use of a CRM system.  As a business grows it’s need for additional features and integrations will often also grow.  An expandable CRM is most likely to help a business climb to the top.  Each stage of business development will require specific uses for a CRM – with growth those uses will change.


Sales Reps

For sales representatives working in the field an online CRM can make a difference in productivity.  Reviewing previous conversations, leads, sending and tracking emails and scheduling follow ups are full function features that sales reps use to help make the most out of their day.



Managers using a customer relationship management software can track employees using custom reports.  These reports work to hold field staff accountable for their actions while also keeping managers up-to-date on what is going on in the day to day.  With information updating immediately, managers always know what work is happening where.



Startups have little to no money and even less time to learn how to use software.  They need to maximize profits and minimize costs.  CRM systems designed for start-ups haveeasy to use and basic features that focus on the foundations of customer relationships and scaling a business with ease.


Small Businesses

A CRM with a valuable mix of features and affordability is key for small business owners.  They’ve grown past the need for basic features but aren’t quite profitable enough to need all the features CRM system offers.  Finding the perfect balance in the right customer relationship management software can push a small business into a big spotlight.



Larger businesses have more comprehensive needs.  CRM systems that enable staff and managers to easily communicate streamlines sales processes. Sales teams often report having more clarity about goals and sales opportunities with the use of a good online system.



How Can Customer Relationship Management Software Help Grow your business?

Using a CRM will give staff a centralized location to look for information, manage leads, and discuss plans. Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to never implement the use of their online CRM system.  Without normalized use, staff becomes disinterested and will see the new customer relationship management software as anything but an asset.

Ensuring that managers and staff utilize the features offered is the most important step toward growing your business using an online CRM.  Once staff begin to use the system, the features of the CRM will begin to pay off.  Allowing for easy transfer and tracking of information will keep sales teams and field staff on top of their game.

A CRM system, like CRM Runner, designed to track communication, empower staff with correct information and increase productivity with easy to use features will help grow a business.  Evaluating customer relationships, inventory, staff performance and goal progression is easy for managers and owners who have an online CRM that will allow them access information and reports from anywhere.



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