The baking industry is one of the world’s oldest.  Using raw ingredients like butter, eggs, flower, salt, sugar, or yeast, the baker spends his time designing breads and sweet treats for fans near and far.  Even during the worst of the times, bread and sweets are in demand because well, the people have got to eat.  Today, baking exists to serve a variety of customers.  You have your wholesale bakers who make bread loaves and treats for retail stores and restaurants.  You have you general, full-line bakery that offers cakes for birthdays and graduations.  You have your regional and specialized bakeries that offer recipes from around the globe.  Then there are the private bakers, the custom bakers, and the amateur bakers, too.  All of these professionals take part in a tradition almost as old as human history.  One thing today’s baker has, though, that yesterday’s does not?  Custom Baking CRM Software.

To run any baking business efficiently, two rules must be followed.  The first is that of organization.  The second is that of customer service.  Bakers know this, and today’s twenty-first century baker knows that Custom Baking CRM Software helps make both easier.

Organization:  Getting your baking business organized must be a priority.  Bakers know how to run an orderly kitchen, multitasking every step of the way.  They have to be able to apply the same concept to their business.  When an order goes out, why not confirm it by email?  A big order, or a contract, can be sent by Custom Baking CRM Software.  In doing so, bakers have the choice to request e-signature (electronic signature).  This helps keep all the records in one place.  Estimates, quotations, invoices, orders, and more can all be stored within the CRM database.  There won’t be missing orders nor lost receipts.  You can even create different accounts for various employees.  When you do so, you can set user permissions to keep private information private.  The software even connects with your current financial software, making for a seamless transition from one to the other.  The financial reports CRM Software can provide also help you run your business in a more strategic manner.  All of these tools help the business to stay more organized, which is important for a successful custom baker.

Customer Service:  What keeps customers coming back for more?  Of course, delicious baked goods!  But today’s customer is a tough cookie.  He wants service with a smile as well.  This doesn’t just mean when you are face to face either.  Consumers today are loyal to businesses that maintain good relationships with their customers.  In different industries, this means different things.  Bakers could send customers birthday greetings or promotions that pair to holidays.  CRM Software helps you reach out to customers via email, text message, and phone.

If you are in the market for Custom Baking CRM Software, contact CRM RUNNER today.  We have just the software you need.