Embarking on a pet sitting career is no easy feat.  Many people love cuddling with dogs, cats, birds, and other pets.  Whether a home operation or a full kennel or puppy camp, managing your client list and business administration requires attention to details and consistent upkeep.  We’ve all heard the excuse “my dog ate my homework,” but we can’t use it when you’re looking for a contract or an invoice.  Protect your Pet care CRM Software like CRM RUNNER.

Your pet sitter business needs a CRM Software.  Beyond tracking leads and customers, CRM RUNNER can assist in managing marketing, contractors, and logistics – no matter if you run the pet sitting business on one site, many, or at the client’s home.

In order to grow your pet care business, you need to keep track of leads.  Many pet owners begin researching pet sitting options well in advance of their need.  Even if they are considering booking a vacation, they might begin research pet care options at the same time.  It is important that your business keep a running list of those who may one day need care even if that time will not occur until the near or distant future.  We makes this easier.  Another way we can helps build a leads list is by providing a template for a professional landing page – a webpage that highlights your pet sitting and pet care business while offering to collect the visitor’s contact information for additional follow-up.  This tool is very valuable as you will be able to follow-up to answer additional questions, offer promotional rates, and share updates about your company.

Many pet care businesses operate with contracted employees and volunteers.  This is especially true when the care occurs off-site, often at the owner’s home.  Other contractors may include suppliers or additional services like cleaning or grooming.  We tracks works like an old-fashioned rolodex, keeping up-to-date information for all your contractors.  We also allows you to track expenses paid to these contractors for financial reporting.  If you have traditional employees on payroll, We manages that with sign in and sign out modules that build time sheets.

GPS features in CRM RUNNER can be a lifesaver when it comes to pet sitting businesses.  You might care for animals throughout a large geographical area – you can keep track of your employees and sites using GPS.  Street view options even shows the location before you head out, so your team doesn’t get lost.  You can’t afford to lose time searching for the right location when there is a precious critter waiting for your arrival.

Pet sitters and pet care businesses can afford CRM software.  Special packages make pricing more affordable than you may think.  Contact us today to give it a try!