Running a doula business is especially challenging when it is an overnight one.  Whereas some doulas limit themselves to appointments that take place in the day, as best they can, others specifically make themselves available 24 hours a day.  For these overnight doula service professionals, CRM software will help organize their busy calendars.

Doula professionals with several clients need to keep themselves organized as to avoid any kind of problematic scheduling error such as a double booking.  When dealing with the human body and pregnancy, nothing is certain.  Due dates issued by doctors are not entirely accurate and early or late arrivals can throw off the doula’s schedule.  This is where CRM Software for Overnight Doula Services can be especially valuable.

Organize time by taking advantage of the following tools made available by CRM applications.

  1. Tasks – Beyond being present for the birth of the baby, doula’s schedule appointments with clients for home and doctor visitations. Even scheduling follow-up can be the doula on track with everything there is to get done in the anticipation of a baby.
  2. Appointments – Once appointments are scheduled, the doula can add them to his or her calendar in the CRM software. CRM applications are often accessible on mobile devices, so the calendar goes everywhere the doula does.  Drag-and-drop technology makes the calendar easy to update.  Additionally, client information such as phone numbers and emails are shown in a just one or two clicks.  There are even options to email or call the client directly from the database.
  3. Reminders – Everybody forgets things from time to time. Electronic reminders can keep the modern doula on track.  Even daily, weekly, monthly, or annual tasks can be scheduled to avoid any hiccups.   There are so many important milestones and dates that come with a pregnancy, the doula may find it hard to keep track without some assistance.
  4. Invoices – When it comes to giving birth, parents often find themselves being pulled in a thousand directions at once. Automation of invoices can help the doula send out a gentle reminder when it comes time for payment.  Electronic signature and document storage also help the doula take all the important documents on the road.

CRM software for overnight doulas is a powerful tool.  The ability to schedule and re-schedule appointments, track mother and baby progress, and follow-up with clients means the doula can stay focused on doing what she does best – helping mothers find comfort and advocacy in the often-overwhelming process of childbirth.  Doulas can schedule appointments, visits, and other important milestones in their doula CRM software-based calendars for easy functionality.