Want to supercharge your field service and office management processes? Streamline your business interactions, keep your pipeline buzzing with new prospects, and blast emails effectively? Then, implement a powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software that includes all essential tools to manage inventory, payment, invoice, email marketing, lead generation, on-field teams with a GPS tracking system to name a few.

Find all these robust features of a powerful CRM in CRM Runner that also includes sales engagement tools, an easy and quick invoicing facility, and a robust marketing solution for business teams.

Though every business has different criteria when it comes to CRM Software, CRM Runner has proven itself as a great CRM platform for each of them. With its end-to-end solutions, from marketing to sales, automation of the office, field, and customer management processes, and many others, CRM Runner is a veritable meet-all-requirement business solution.

Ease of Use:

Log in to CRM Runner for the first time. You will get a good sense of how the basics work is accomplished so easily. Availability of this CRM tool’s mobile apps for both Android and iOS makes its accessibility on the fly.

Automation and Integrations:

Automating processes will enhance employee efficiency and help ensure things like communication don’t fall through the cracks. No CRM does it all. Option to use so many available in-platform business solution features is a great help to connect department functions and boost data collection power, creating a more complete customer profile.

GPS Tracking Feature:

CRM Runner has a GPS Tracking feature to enable you to get your onboard customers, prospects, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents on a single platform and access them easily with the systematic arrangement. You can perform the tasks and manage your team members effectively, and track the real-time updates of all the team members, besides accessing all your leads, deals, and distributors on the map with a single click.

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