How do you measure which campaign performed exceptionally and which campaign failed? How do you know which accounts are the most revenue generating? How do you find the most performing sales representative? The answer to all these questions is Reporting. CRM reporting helps you understand customer behavior, improve customer experience, project sales forecasts and improve internal processes.

Most of the CRM systems today offer a number of reports to help businesses improve their sales, service and marketing, however there are 5 reports which tops the chart.

  1. Pipeline Report or Sales Funnel Report

A sales funnel report will give you the details of all deals or opportunities in the sales pipeline such as the customer, the size of the deal, expected date of closing the deal, the team handling the opportunity etc. It also gives an idea of what activities are done so far and what are scheduled at a future date. You should be able to sort this data based on the location, close date and team. This will also help in determining the future cash flow when the opportunities get converted into sales. This report helps the sales team determine where they should spend their major time and effort on.

  1. Leads Report

The whole purpose of CRM is to generate leads and convert them into opportunities and ultimately into paying customers. The leads report will give you a picture of leads contact info, their interests, browsing behavior, from where the lead was generated and recent action taken. This will help you in understanding which campaign performed the best, which generated that lead and which campaign to use further to convert the lead.

  1. Open Cases Report

The smart thing for any business is not to run from the problems but to face them hard on to solve it as soon as possible and make their product more competitive. This is where the open cases report is helpful. This report basically shows all the open tickets, tasks or bugs. It shows who is working on the issue, how much work has been done so far, what is pending and the estimated time to resolve the issue.

  1. Activity Report

Whether you want to help your sales reps or service reps manage their time or want to micromanage them and keep track of each and every step they take, activity report serves the purpose. With this report, you can keep track of each activity like appointment, call, actions etc., activities done in the previous week and the ones scheduled for the next week, for each sales rep. You can see the customer details, the type of activity and the estimated closure date.

  1. Lost Sales Report

This report might not be a pleasant one to look at, however it is an important one to understand why the opportunity was lost and what can be done to avoid this in future. When you add an opportunity to your sales funnel, you must have a process to close the opportunity, whether it was converted or not. This report will be helpful at the end of the month to analyze which opportunities did not convert and what was the reason. If it was an internal reason, it gives you an opportunity to make the necessary changes in your process.

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