Man’s best friend!  If you thought of your dog, we know why.  If you thought of some other pet, that’s okay, too!  Man’s best friend isn’t just dogs, you know.  You can relish the relationship you share with your dog, your cat, your bird, your frog, even a pet rock.  Snakes, ferrets, and other “exotic” animals need care and love, too!

Those in the business of pet sitting know a thing or two about how special the relationship is between a pet and its owner.  The owner wants nothing but the best for his four-legged friend (if the friend has four legs!).  Pet sitters who want to run an efficient business, however, need to seriously consider looking into CRM Software for Pet Sitters.

CRM Software for Pet Sitters offers an array of handy tools and utilities to make your business run as efficiently as possible.  Here are four tools:

  1. GPS tools put you on the map. If you offer a service like pickup and drop off or homecare services, then you need to know your away around the local area.  There is nothing worse than missing an appointment because you got lost. Not to mention, tracking mileage for tax reports can be a real hassle if you’re not on top of it from the beginning.  If you reimburse your employees for mileage, the same pain can apply.  Rather than be lost in life, you can use CRM Software for Pet Sitters to help find your way thanks to convenient GPS Tools.
  2. Keep track of inventory. Some pet sitters sell products like dog food, leashes, beds, coffee cups for the owners, and more.  Swag is all part of the fun in the pet sitting business.  The best way to sell items and track inventory, though, is by using a CRM Software for Pet Sitters.
  3. Get more customers using the sales funnel tool. The concept behind the sales funnel is simple.  You cast a wide net and catch a lot of fish.  In other words, you search the internet and the market looking for leads.  You import them into your database.  Then, you reach out to them.  You reach out to them again. And again.  After a while, someone’s going to bite.  This process of filtering customers by interest until a deal is closed is known as the sales funnel.  The software can track customers in this process, making sales a lot easier!
  4. Customer contact. When it’s Fido’s birthday or the Fourth of July, you may want to send a holiday greeting to customers.  That’s easy with CRM Software.  The software makes sending bulk messages by email or text message (SMS) easier than ever before.

If you are running a business that helps parents take care of their fur babies, CRM Software for Pet Sitters is the tool you need for success.  Contact CRM RUNNER for a trial run today.