A company faces a few common pitfalls to help you make a decision, as well as how a CRM can resolve the issue is listed below. If any of the signs listed below resonate with you, you should start seriously searching for a CRM software.

You are struggling to manage your sales leads

It’s fantastic to have a high volume of sales leads, but they are as good as useless if you have no way of managing those leads to ultimately follow up on them. Even if you are well-practiced in managing leads by hand, knowing when to act on them can sometimes be hard. With just a little bit of background information about the client (or a backlog of interaction history, depending on whether this is a returning customer), a CRM software project can suggest how to contact this potential customer, when, what product is most appropriate for their needs, and what fits within their budget.

You need better customer service

For growing businesses, customer service can be particularly tricky. You can reach the point at which customer service becomes too burdensome on time and it would make more sense to employ a full-time employee to concentrate solely on that business area. After all, good customer service is a vital element of customer retention, particularly if your service standard has slipped in the past. A CRM with Customer Service-centric apps will document the average handling time and first contact resolution rate of each case.

Data analysis is difficult and time-consuming

It is not only time-consuming, but manually identifying and selecting data for analysis, visualization, and evaluation can be incredibly tedious. To put together a graph or chart from a spreadsheet may not seem too troublesome, but the inevitable tinkering with visuals can take up a lot of your working day, not to mention the limitations of visual production unless you invest money in a dedicated platform for data visualization.

This task is taken away from you by CRM Software, eliminating the need for manual input and analysis of data. Data storage, with easy-to-export visuals and reports coming in as part and parcel, is a huge part of Customer Relationship Management. Not only that, but CRMs can also make predictions based on data trends or even abrupt changes, helping you stay ahead of the curve at all times.

Your marketing campaigns are coming up short

To a company, social and digital marketing can be invaluable. But many organizations may find themselves unable to justify spending time on digital marketing with a large amount of time spent preparing marketing materials, identifying social opportunities, and administering and scheduling social communications, while also unable to justify appointing someone to oversee digital marketing on a full-time basis.

Marketing automation is the solution to that problem. Marketing automation can pinpoint any mention of your brand on the web and potentially turn that brand name into a conversion, as well as scheduling all your social posts and email campaigns (which are enormous jobs in themselves).