Chat functionality in CRM software is a subset of Social Project Management which enables the development of collaborative behavior between staff members and between the enterprise and customers. Chat functionality allows you to set up chat topics, invite guests, engage and collect valuable chat transcript repository. Chat software can be used to build a streamlined approach for internal communication in the workplace. Live Chat software can be used to get in touch with the client at the right time and help in lead conversion.

Chat software has become an immensely popular instrument to set project expectations of teams in the business world. It allows you to get a bird eyes’ view on the various tasks in the team.

Chat improves team productivity

  • Communication through collaborative behavior is the hallmark of a well-functioning team. Chat allows you to set clear objectives.
  • Chat software helps in information sharing through files and increases the ability to stay organized.
  • Occasional chaos is common in workplaces. Chat allows the team members to instantly communicate with each other for quicker resolution of issues. All your team members and contractors can easily chat with office administration or between themselves using chat software

Engage in conversations

You have the option of creating a singular chat room where everybody is free to participate. You can also have the option of creating a distinct one on one conversation. The sky is the limit when it comes to the number of chat conversations you can have.

Deliver the best customer service using Chat software

  • Research points out that satisfied customers lookout for proactive attitude on part of the enterprise to listen to their needs. Using Chat, you can listen to the client without awkward interruptions. Try to understand the critical needs of the client through empathizing through live chat.
  • Decrease the waiting time of customers and eliminate the needs for hold music. You can offer a current solution in a short time frame.
  • Presence of a chat transcript allows you to analyze the customer interaction and gives you an opportunity to improvise your approach towards the client. This will increase the chance of revisits by the client to the website.

Chat software is optimal for E-commerce

  • Skyrocket your brand’s credibility by topnotch engagement with clients resulting in trust enhancement.
  • Provide targeted guidance to your clients assisting them through the purchase process and quickly resolve their queries so that they can convert into buying clients.
  • Create a holistic behavioral profile of the client through chat interactions and enhance the functionality of your website.

Top qualities of Chat software for workplaces

  • Creating multiple channels for various teams, projects and customers.
  • Provision of converting certain sections of the conversations into tasks and modification of details
  • Ability to host chats on a private basis.
  • Inclusion of elements like videoconferencing and document collaboration in real-time.
  • Ability to create different threads and maintaining partitions in multiple conversations for ease of access at a later time.

Top qualities of Live Chat software for client interaction

  • Ability to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses through sophisticated data analytics and tracking of goals.
  • Ease of integration with the majority of e-commerce forums.
  • Capability of sending automated messages depending on client activity such as revisits to the website.
  • Capacity to integrate with mobile applications operating on Android/iOS and SMS system of the phone.