Today there are apps for almost everything, and the same goes for Google Chrome extensions, CRM extensions, lead generation extensions, Workflow extensions, social sharing extensions and what not. With numerous extensions flowing into the Chrome store on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to shortlist the ones which are most useful for a particular business. Here is the list of 10 most important chrome extensions every small business should utilize.

Agile CRM

This extension helps you generate new leads by pulling in contacts from various social media platforms into your database. You can also keep track of open rates and click through rates on the emails sent from your Gmail account and access contacts, leads and tasks from your Chrome browser.

Coverage Hub Lead Generator

With this extension, you can capture leads from multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Yelp and many more just with a single click. This is more helpful if you have an e-commerce site and you want to generate leads for your site, this makes the job effortless.

Google Keep

While browsing through the web, you will find a lot of information which you would want to save and reference later. Google keep helps you do just that, as it can help you save URLs, text and images. You can also add labels to each of them for better organization and easy access.

Block Site

The Internet today is bombarded with thousands of websites which distract people from doing actual work. If you are someone who gets distracted easily, this one is definitely a keeper for you. You can flag the websites which distract you and once you are on those sites, it will redirect you to other pages.


All of us are not as organized as we would like to be, and that is perfectly fine, since OneTab will do that for us. If you are someone like me who likes to keep X number of tabs open on your browser so you can go back and reference one later, this one is for you. OneTab helps you convert numerous tabs into an easily accessible list. You can restore them anytime either individually or as a group. This also helps save on your RAM since these tabs will not run in the background anymore.

Team Password

It can be quite messy and tiring to keep track of all passwords of all the sites and apps you and and your team uses. Team Password helps you share passwords with your team easily. You can restrict the passwords for certain team members who do not require to use the app.


Buffer is a very powerful tool to post on social media platforms. With a single click, you can write a post from any page, schedule multiple posts throughout the day at spaced-out intervals or schedule at a particular time.


A lot of you must have already used this beautiful extension to make the most of what you write. Whether you are writing an email, creating a Google doc or creating a social media post, Grammarly can help you write flawless content without any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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