Time tracking is undoubtedly a time-consuming process. Manual time tracking especially ends up eating your time and thereby adding the fuel of woes while working. It will be fit to say if you invest more time over your overall operation, the productivity increases alongside the flow of work. Manual time tracking, therefore, is the hurdle between you earning your current revenue to something much more.

CRM software once again comes to the rescue in helping you during the time of crisis. The management software stays up and streamlines the process of product implementation and operation. Automated Time Tracking is an inbuilt feature of the product and works with scheduling and management of different tasks, which comes with time tracking concept. Over the idea, there are three major areas; the concept of CRM based Automated Time tracking depends.

  • Email Automation: CRM software helps you to stay in touch with clients. Email is an essential means of communication, and any lapse could give a massive blow for the conversion of a lead to nothing. Practically, it is impossible for you or any members of your team to keep on mailing the same thing to different clients, with different letterhead. Then comes the CRM automated time tracking that track your time while drafting emails.
  • Real-time Appointment: Calendar CRM Software comes up with its module and can be linked with any task scheduling software of the date. This includes the likes of MS Outlook, Office, and even G-Suite for the matter. Automated Time Tracking will consist of these appointments in your time sheet automatically.
  • Track Your To-do Tasks: To Do List CRM Software, when synchronized with MS Outlook or any other software, it makes it easy to schedule your day. You can choose to work on any of them and can modify the software to do the rest. Automated time tracking will add all these tasks to your time sheet automatically. This is a perfect way automation of time, and thereby, you won’t lose productivity on filling up time sheet.

Automate Time Tracking has a promise to ease up your schedules. In an era of competition and staying at the top, time management is something which cannot be compromised. Therefore, CRM software helps your business flow to proceed with ease. Lastly, if you are interested in installing CRM software for your business, contact CRM Runner for our detailed outreach of the product.