When CRM assists email marketing campaigns, you can nurture better relationships through targeted emails. Your email marketing campaigns can become more efficient in audience segmentation, better lead targeting, generation and nurturing, and more personalization. For the best of both sales and marketing, this CRM integrated email marketing campaign approach is what is universally recommended.

In fact, if you are not already using CRM, you could be missing out on optimizing your sales process. Let’s check what those things you could be missing.

You can automate email marketing and reduce the length of your company’s average sales cycle by having CRM data at your fingertips. When you send out marketing emails to leads and customers, your CRM software will monitor it and give you alerts whenever any of them revert back to you. It helps you to never miss an important moment on your customer’s journey.

Alerts for More Useful Follow Ups

Once your tart customer receives your email and opens it, you’d get an alert in real time. If they click on links, you’d receive an alert. All these alerts can be used for more than just opening and clicking through emails. You will know which emails are working and which of them are not. You’d be more focused on creating compelling emails, so that could boost your open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and even ROI.

Improved Lead Nurturing

Everyone wants more nurtured leads. And that starts with having a steady flow of leads, giving you knowledge about which of them to nurture and which not. Having more information about your leads will enable you to figure out what matters most to them.

Personalized Emails

CRM can help you with basic email personalization, such as helping you to add your customer’s name in the email, create the opening line of the email, etc. You can even draft an email to send it to your customers later, which means you can also schedule emails.

Wrapping Up:

CRM Runner makes sure all that happens and much more! Your email marketing campaigns will be automated, well-informed, highly targeted, predicted, and planned.

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