You have come to the right place if you are looking to gain knowledge about the different types of CRM software available in the ever-expansive current market.

But what exactly is CRM software and how is it helpful to your small business? Customer relationship management (or CRM) software is a multipurpose tool that aims to manage customer details, add notes, send emails, ensure customer experiences and satisfaction, and functions so forth. Different types of CRM software fulfil different business requirements. Hence, you must use a CRM that fits.

Below listed are descriptions of the types of CRM software that you can opt for:

Types of CRM Software Available for Use

  1. Operational CRM

An operational CRM provides a complete view of each customer’s interaction with your company. This type of CRM software utilizes sales and marketing tactics to spare you time — and make sure contacts or tasks do not slip through.

  1. Analytical CRM

An analytical CRM assembles, organizes, and examines your customer information and data to assist you in making better business decisions. This data analysis can include average deal cycle, month-to-month recurring revenue, customer retention percentages, and any other data you collect.

  1. Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRMs (also called “strategic CRMs”) share client data across groups. This includes internal and external partners, such as another department, suppliers, vendors, and wholesalers. A collaborative CRM focuses more on client benefit, client satisfaction, and client retention than client generation.

  1. Campaign Management CRM

A combination of analytical and operational CRMs, campaign management CRM is the type of CRM software that is used to run sales or market campaigns. It is important to notice, this CRM software is especially useful in arranging, overviewing, and examining contact information and campaigns.

  1. Strategic CRM

This type of CRM software puts clients, to begin with, letting you use the data around clients and advertising patterns to create better business deals. In some cases, included within the collaborative CRMs definition, strategic CRM focuses on clients.

A Final Word

Whether the CRM you opt for is either of the above, it is key to reaping benefits whilst managing the customer lifecycle. While a few different types of CRM software specialize in specific deals, but some are there to adapt to your every need. And the system that’s best for you can be found by assessing your exact situation and needs.