What does a Reunion Coordinator do?  Not to be funny, but the answer is title of reunion coordinator is self-explanatory.  A reunion coordinator coordinates reunions!  There are all types of reunions that need to be planned.  For example, high school reunions can be a big deal.  There are also alumni events, family reunions, and workplace reunions.  Kind of like an event planner, the reunion coordinator knows how to find those to be reunited so that they enjoy the event they attend.

What does CRM Software do?  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  Software that accomplishes this does many different things.  For example, it collects leads.  It organizes leads in a sales funnel.  It helps keep a running database of all of your customers, so when it is time to promote your business, everything is automated.  The software generates documents like estimates, invoices, and quotations.  The software has tools that help build calendars, to-do lists, and financial reports.  GPS features keep everybody on the map, too.  This list is hardly exhaustive!

Is there CRM Software for Reunion Coordinator?  It might be hard to find CRM Software that is specifically designed for today’s reunion coordinator.  However, customizable options in CRM Software mean that you can have your own program in very little time.

What does CRM Software for Reunion Coordinators help with?  Everything, almost!  CRM Software takes on so many business functions, it’s hard to explain them all in a single blog post.  Here a few that famously tooted by those in the reunion coordination business.

  • Tools to help find more clients: There are many tools to help find new clients.  CRM Software can help you create a landing page.  A landing page is a webpage that is specifically designed to perform well in search results.  When customers find your page, they are prompted to share their contact information.  That information is automatically imported into the database.  The data can be organized using the sales funnel tool.  This helps your team track results as the lead inches closer to conversion.
  • Making invoices can take a lot of time!  This is true if you do them by hand or type them using a word processor.  Rather than waste time, you can simply log into the CRM Software to generate invoices.  These documents will look professional because they are generated using your logo.  The invoice can even be paid online.  When the invoice is paid, the software automatically updates your financial software thanks to full software integration.
  • GPS tools: GPS tools are helpful in some business.  For reunion coordinators, being able to track employees and locations on a map can save a lot of time.  If you bill for mileage while coordinating reunions, this tool can be a lifesaver.  If you want to get an idea of what a building looks like before you go there, you can use the street view tool to get a picture of where you are heading.
  • On-the-road Accessibility. There is access to your database wherever you have an internet connection.

If you need CRM Software for Reunion Coordinators, contact CRM RUNNER today.