What is the oldest yet still very relevant, most popular and cost effective medium of reaching out to your potential customers? Yes, you got it right, Email Marketing! Most of the businesses consider email marketing as their cash cow as it the the top revenue generating marketing channel. However, if your are not among those businesses, it is time you reconsider your email marketing methods. It might need a couple of minor investments and some best practices to follow, all of which are totally worth it.

Invest in Automation

Ok, don’t just close the tab yet, seeing investment as the first point. Email marketing automation is an excellent tool in sending emails to your potential customers at a large scale as well as measure the performance. It reduces the manual task of sending the same email again and again to different customers. You can schedule the emails at a time when your target audience is most likely to read them.

Use website visitor information

Every business needs a website, and Google Analytics is no exception.Visitors to your website have the best possibility of becoming a lead or reacting to your email.You may personalize your email messaging to your website visitors’ demographics and interests by identifying their demographics and interests.

Google Analytics is a useful tool for discovering a visitor’s location, items of interest (based on pages viewed), and other useful information.Depending on the solution you employ on your website, you’ll be able to track whether people return days, weeks, months, or years after their initial visit.

Keep an eye on campaign data

Data from prior campaigns is stored in your email marketing platform.You know who opens your emails, what device they use to read them on, when they open them, what links they click, and where they are when they receive them. You should also be able to keep track of who has bought what and when they bought it.You can start segmenting your lists and crafting tailored messages for your next campaign with this information.

Discard unused or fake email addresses from contacts

Emails that never reach their intended recipient have little influence and diminish thecampaign’s success.A poor sender reputation score can be caused by a variety ofcircumstances.If your mails are frequently reported as spam, it will have a negative influence on your reputation.The similar impact will be produced by low open rates and high bounce rates. The use of email authentication and inspection ensures that emails are sent to valid, active addresses.This improves your email campaign’s open rate and return on investment.

Mobile optimized emails

You may be missing out on possibilities to engage new consumers and create income if your emails aren’t mobile-friendly.According to a study by Campaign Monitor, 65 percent of emails are read on mobile devices and tablets.As a result, it’s critical to optimize your emails for mobile readability.

Don’t forget to check your email from a mobile perspective before sending it.It’s crucial to maintain mobile-friendly material succinct and to-the-point while generating it.Create material that is concise and simple to absorb.

Mix different campaign styles and methods

Consider varying the styles and tactics of your email marketing campaigns to avoid under performance. You’ll learn what your prospects respond to as you test different email components including delivery days, content angles, surveys, and fulfillment parts.You’ll have a higher chance of keeping your readers engaged if you keep your material and methods fresh.

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