Sales funnel, a very talked about marketing jargon, but what is it exactly? And is your business succeeding in creating and identifying your sales funnel effectively? By definition, a sales funnel is a specially crafted strategic process for converting potential business leads into paying customers. It is hard to believe, but almost 70% of businesses in the B2B domain fail to accomplish a sales funnel that actually works. So what is it exactly, which puts the other section in the latter 30%? Let’s find out!

Make the first impression impactful : Your business landing page

“First impression is the last impression” may not hold true for everyone, but it can definitely prove to be true for your business taking into account a cut-throat competition. A customer searching through the internet for solution provider for his specific need goes through multiple websites before finalizing the one to get in touch with. You don’t want to be the one who gets rejected.

Few tips to create a compelling website include:

  • A strong headline message matching with the ad linked to the landing page
  • Informative videos to increase the conversion rates
  • Number count to show how many clients are using your service or product currently
  • A Contact Us section in every page
  • Offer free-trial services
  • Clear and concise descriptions of all offerings

Include Live Chat Support to increase customer satisfaction

The next most effective way of communication after face to face interaction is live chat. Clients want to chat on every doubt they have about your offering, so unless you have a super intelligent chatbot with answers to all possible questions, you should seriously consider having a live chat support into your business. According to a survey, more than 90% of customers prefer live chat services over other medium of communication. Make your clients loyal by building a trust with effective communication and 80% of your revenue will come from only 20% of these clients.

CRM is an absolute essential

Almost 90% of online businesses use cloud based CRM software to manage their customer data and marketing solutions. This percentage clearly states the importance of CRM for your business. By using a versatile CRM solution, you are basically integrating your sales and support team to stay connected with your customers in real time with the help of live chat support. By doing this, and I am not exaggerating, you can increase your ROI by more that 5 times!

Informative and engaging blogs

You can get as creative with blogs as you want until you keep them restricted to your business. You can tell your business story, share industry news, provide analytical data. What is better than customers getting their answers without having to call or write to you? However, the thing you need to do first before you start writing is to understand your clients and their business requirements. Once this is done, you can write blogs around those requirements and serve them with what they are seeking for.

Utilize the very wise, Retargeting Ads

This is a very powerful tool to increase your customer base. A mere 2% of the website audience is converted in their first visit, what about the remaining 98%? Well, retargeting ads is the answer to that. When the customer visits your website and completes one session, his details are stored as cookies and the browser now remembers them. This cookie will be utilized further and the customer will see ads of your website on the display network where he can click on your ad link and finish the desired action.

CRM Runner is a one stop solution for all your business needs. Among a plethora of solutions offered, sales funnel is one of them. You will get granular level view of all leads at every stage and what action to take against each stage. It will help you streamline your sales process and give a detailed sales report to improve the process. Mail is at to get more details.