Now is the right time to invest in a CRM software. Don’t wait to rethink your digital transformation strategy anymore.

Market experts are saying that the return on investment (ROI) on a CRM software is approximately $5 to every $1 invested. That’s why, taking a smart approach to making the right choice of a CRM solution is the first step to significantly boost your business results driving 5 times higher revenues.

To help you choose the right and best-fit CRM software, I am putting down 5 tips for selecting CRM that must fit your business size, needs and goals.

Tip #1: Ask yourself your company’s operational requirements

You must choose a CRM solution that can meet most of your operational requirements, so finding them will point you in the right direction. Look at your business processes and the features of the CRM solution. Based on that, determine if there are gaps in them and how efficiently the solution can meet your business operational requirements.

Tip #2: Check if GPS tracking solution comes with the system

Many companies feel the need to track their sales representatives and field technicians in real-time. If you also need a real-time tracking solution in a CRM for your dynamic and mobile workforce, calculating employees’ driving mileage, routes and getting reports, and navigating to your customers, tracking tasks and assigning routes to your employees, look into the CRM runner platform, which offers the GPS based tracking solution, enabled with remotely clock-in to office or job site feature.

Tip #3: Protection of sensitive customer and organizational data

Business data security is a big issue and a CRM software should offer control over sensitive customer and organizational data and processes. So, consider checking the security feature closely, no matter if you are choosing a cloud CRM software or on-premise solution.

Tip #4: How much IT Support will you need?

Unexpected challenges can strain your business, push your budget in other ways and interfere with other projects. If your organization isn’t ready to handle technology challenges, choose a CRM system that offers ongoing tech support.

We have dedicated support team for our users!

Tip #5: If easier, faster marketing automation workflow integrated

Look for a CRM vendor that comes with automation of business development processes. It may be as  v simple as streamlining and synchronizing your emails, messages, social media platform, and other platforms in one place. So, choose a CRM system that can help your business to cut costs and improve the bottom line through a simple, streamlined and automated system.

Decision for Business Success:

Whether you are a personal trainer, physical therapist, burglar alarm system company or any other type of a business and you want to streamline and synchronize your business processes, deal in your sales pipeline and help everyone in the team to reach target fasters, start using a CMR system from today. You can manage your business workflows and team in efficient manner.

CRMrunner, the #1 CRM system for field service and office management, offers end-to-end business management solutions. It helps automate business management processes, and streamlines and synchronizes varied business activities, such as task creation and assignment, generating new leads and monitoring sales performance, GPS tracking, invoicing, automating marketing processes, and so forth. CRMrunner is built to empower its users and equip their business with solutions to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations.

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