CMR S0ftware is a business management system to coordinate marketing, sales and customer service to meet the needs of a business. It helps build profitable relationships through effective customer interactions, track leads, schedule tasks among team members, monitor day-to-day field staff activities, just to name a few. Simply put, CRM system is an immensely useful tool.

CRM systems are no longer just for large organizations with huge databases of customers. They are also advantageous to small and medium sized organizations.

Look into the features of CMR Runner, a one-stop solution for field service and office management. It comes with a wealth of business management solutions with automation of inventory management, payment processes, invoicing, email blasting, clocking in and out, reporting, GPS tracking of a business’ sales representatives and field technicians in real-time, among many others.

Let’s check how CRM Runner can benefit a business

Improved Sales Performance

Designed to help generate new leads and close deals, CRM Runner can help you to deliver your services with an understanding of the needs of the buyers in an improved manner. You will better understand  your customers’ behavior, come to know the perfect time you can introduce a product to your customers, and help you boost and increase your sales.

Improved Field Staff Performance

You can keep a tab on your on-field representatives, manage them and projects in real-time, track tasks, and assign routes to your field staff while navigating to your customers. This feature also enables users to calculate members driving mileage, routes and get reports in real-time.

Improved Communication Processes

Effective communication in business means better understanding of customers. You can personalize customer communication like the way they want, meaning you don’t have to struggle to market, sell, or support customers. CRM Runner provides the ability to access a 360-degree customer view to provide efficient and effective communications.

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