As a company expands and the workplace in the modern business world keeps changing, businesses must implement solutions that integrate business processes. The customer experience must be improved. Simplifying and streamlining corporate processes is advantageous to everyone.

Features of CRM Runner for Project Management

Centralized Data

Nowadays, CRM software typically includes complete and current customer information.

Effortless Use

CRM software should be easy to use and intuitive so that teams can manage projects and tasks. Users need more time to work on tasks for customers rather than on the program.

Streamlined communication

By utilizing a CRM solution and project management combined application with specialized communication or chat functions, businesses can eliminate silos and data inaccessibility.

Process Integration

After the user completes the transaction with the customer, most of the work might be finished. Therefore, it is crucial that the sales or service process is seamlessly integrated with the project management process.


Project templates, custom fields, new workflows, and app development are all examples of customization.

Reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards should be easy to create. These should include information on the status and development of the project, task completion and details, and other metrics pertaining to marketing, sales, and service.

Project Templates

Without project management training, it might be necessary to set up projects quickly with the help of marketing, sales, and service teams. From project templates in CRM software, users can choose configurations, procedures, or workflows that are similar to those they already employ.

How can CRM Runner help with organizing new projects?

  1. Add new projects to specific jobs with titles and start/end dates.
  2. Filter between various projects using their names to reduce the number of search criteria.
  3. From the “Projects” page, view the status and completion of projects right away.
  4. For complete management control of projects on specific jobs, choose a different course of action for each project.

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