So you’ve decided to integrate your payments with your CRM. Because you want to tailor the payment experience to each customer’s expectations, you want your team to make more data-driven decisions, or you want to increase operational efficiency by incorporating payments into your CRM software.

The new dynamic between CRM and your Accounting System is an underappreciated aspect of bringing payments to your CRM platform. When done correctly, it can reduce the amount of reporting required by your finance department, simplify certain processes, and even reduce the configuration complexity of your AS.

CRM Runner helps in Identifying possible errors in transactions.

How does CRM Runner help in Bank Reconciliation?

  • CRM RUNNER assists your company in identifying potential transaction errors.
  • Bank reconciliation is important because it allows your organization to identify discrepancies between accounting and bank records.
  • Get a report that will assist you in identifying potential fraudulent activities and protecting your company from losses.

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