Does your company use two different systems to manage customer and inventory data? Is it getting harder for your team to get real-time access to the vital inventory information? Are your billing processes and status orders taking longer than expected as a result of inaccurate inventory data? Do you lose valuable clients as a result of bad customer service?

The use of CRM software is then imperative. Businesses can greatly benefit from a CRM solution by streamlining various business processes and increasing bottom-line productivity.

How can CRM Runner aid in inventory management?

  1. To categorize the inventory as you see fit, you can customize various tabs.
  2. allows you to set up an automatic alert to notify you when a certain threshold has been reached and it’s time to place another order for products.
  3. Keep a record of the service, non-inventory, and inventory items with the best CRM Software.
  4. Utilize RMA to accept returns, issue refunds, and facilitate exchanges.
  5. Using the simple drag and drop feature, you can modify the columns to change how they look.
  6. When products are delivered from suppliers to your warehouse, the system automatically updates the inventory stock.
  7. All product and service-related data, including serial numbers, images, descriptions, prices, stock numbers, and more, are recorded and verified by CRM Runner.
  8. On the search bar, you can look for a product using its name or description.
  9. Use SKUs and serial numbers to keep track of your products.
  10. Review and establish a warranty for the goods or products.
  11. Both the cost price and the selling price will be computed when an item is entered into the system to show the profit that will be made from the item.

Therefore, you won’t have any issues managing any inventory with the CRM software. You can streamline your stocks and manage the entire process with the touch of a finger. To speak with a representative, call 877.590.0040, or sign up for a 14-day free trial.