Modern businesses looking to compete and outperform the rest of the industry will find a merchant services CRM essential. Regardless of the type of merchant services CRM you use, its core features are the tools you get to manage leads and close sales – lead management and sales process delivery tools that assist your business in finding better leads and your agents in closing more deals.

A top merchant services integration CRM Software also offers many useful features that can greatly benefit your business, and choosing a solution with the right features is crucial to maximizing your ROI. Listed below are a few of the most valuable features available from some top CRMs, and how each can assist your business.

Onboarding merchants automatically:

As a business, one of the most important and most consistent tasks you perform is onboarding new merchants to your payment processing partners. In addition, it’s likely to take you the longest to accomplish. Data transfer manually from a merchant account to a processor’s boarding system is not only tedious and slow, but also extremely prone to human error, which can delay or derail applications, and even the smallest typo can cost you money.

Calculate the residuals automatically:

There are two things that happen each month when residuals drop: first, managers are overwhelmed with a mountain of processor reports that have to be merged so residuals can be calculated one by one. Agents watch the clock eagerly awaiting payouts on their splits – payouts that can take up to a week to arrive depending on the complexity of the calculations.

Integration of private-label helpdesks:

The stronger your relationship with merchants, particularly your top performers, the stronger your residuals will be and the faster your portfolio will grow. Since even the smallest businesses manage potentially hundreds of merchants, it can be difficult to keep track of each one’s needs and easy for merchants to feel overlooked.

In-Depth and At-A-Glance Reporting:

It is difficult to keep track of your business’ operations and performance when hundreds of merchants are spread across half a dozen or more processors. The processors each provide their own reports every month with different formatting and data that, alone, do not tell the full story. Due to this, creating a unified picture of your business’ operations can be a time-consuming task.

How will CRMRunner be your right choice?

With CRM RUNNER, you can generate real-time data by integrating with leading applications. Through the solution, you can gain access to other platforms for better upgrades while simplifying and automating the workflow. Keep track of customer communication via social platforms and email without leaving your CRM base. You can easily track and communicate with sales leads with CRM RUNNER.

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