If tracking your on-field sales team in real-time is a headache for you, implement a GPS tracking feature in your CRM system. However, only a few CRM systems like CMR Runner come with this feature built-in.

On-field sales team monitoring in real-time has been a testing requirement for companies around the world. So, an effective GPS tracking enabled CRM system is a necessity for any business.

Top 3 Advantages of GPS Tracking Enabled CRM System:

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your on-field salespersons
  • Capture variety of field data regarding sales or services by field staff
  • Compare documented versus actual hours
  • Filter and search in different fields

Businesses can optimize their on-field sales, automating business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analysing sales forecasts and performance.

With CRM Runner, you can automate sales business tasks, which are like order processing, contact management, information sharing, customer management, order tracking, inventory monitoring and control, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. Businesses in the FMCG, industrial goods, readymade garments, consumer durables etc. have considerable sales resources on the field. That’s why they need to use a GPS Tracking system enabled CRM software to manage their sales force and inventories. It will enable sales managers to be in contact in real-time with their on-field sales executives, thereby enabling live location tracking and monitoring and instant feedback about the geo-tracking system.

What more CRM Runner can do your business?

With the GPS tracking feature in CRM Runner, you will always have a real-time snapshot of where your on-field sales staff are. It makes centralized management far easier. You don’t need to check in with manual status updates or calls to share where your sales members are. You will have all the information through CRM Runner, built to improve your business’ sales performance.

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