Customer expectations in every industry have risen dramatically in recent years. Almost all business sectors, from FMCG to automobiles, travel, and vacations, offer a plethora of options to consumers. This trend has made customer service mandatory for any business.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, can help you retain and acquire new customers. You can use it to organize your sales pipeline. CRM software has risen in popularity in recent years, with studies indicating that it can boost sales by up to 29%. It also allows businesses to forecast more accurately, resulting in a 42% increase in sales.

Consistent customer outreach, simple and free of hassle!

Getting new customers can be difficult. It can be more difficult to maintain and preserve current customer relationships while also attempting to close deals. CRM Runner’s Follow Up feature can assist in alleviating and preventing this issue.

CRM Runner can help you with customer follow-up in the following ways

  • Use our Follow Up feature to keep customer relationships strong and conversion rates high.
  • Create follow-up emails for estimates and invoices that have been sent, as well as customers who have expressed interest and with whom you have established rapport.
  • Title each email, create unique content for each body, and upload files to create unique templates for your follow-ups.
  • Recurring automated email/SMS reminders until a response from the customer is received
  • An automated SMS/email survey is sent after payment.

The importance of CRM in improving customer satisfaction

Marketing and sales teams can benefit greatly from CRM solutions. They not only improve customer satisfaction but also make business operations more efficient.

The marketing team, for example, will have a better understanding of the target audience, and the sales team will have a better understanding of customer requirements. Support staff can easily resolve issues if they are aware of the communication history.

Managers will also gain a better understanding of how the business works and will be able to address bottlenecks faster. CRM platforms are thus critical for efficient business operations as well as customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for CRM software to run high-velocity sales, CRM Runner is the way to go.

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