The field service management industry uses customer relationship management software (CRM) to facilitate clear and instant communication among businesses to improve customer satisfaction. Customers can access the customer portal via a mobile app or a laptop, monitor the progress of a task, leave feedback, create new work orders, and communicate directly with a field technician or the head office.

Benefits are equally impressive for a company that manages field services. As a result, field service operations are easier to manage as the customer is always in the loop. Data in real-time allows service managers to improve efficiency, make data-driven decisions, optimize scheduling, minimize travel time, and optimize the use of their resources.

Let’s examine the reasons why your company needs a field service CRM now that we have a good understanding of what it is.

#1: Streamline your sales process

The sales cycle for field service management is often long and difficult. To document critical data, sales teams previously used spreadsheets, Word documents, or other static documents. Manually entering information into these spreadsheets through phone calls and emails was how they tracked sales lifecycles.

Due to the dynamic nature of CRM Runner and the many variables involved in making sales, this mode of doing business always felt a bit antiquated. By using a CRM solution, sales teams are able to manage leads through their pipeline and convert them into paying customers.

#2: Connect sales and field technicians

Salespeople and field technicians share similar goals, but live parallel lives. Sales teams strive to bring in customers and make sure they are satisfied with the service, while field service teams attend to customer needs directly in the field.

It is often the case that these two teams lack knowledge, communication, and understanding. CRMs can be integrated with field service software to create a channel for internal communication.

#3: Personalized marketing and meaningful upselling

It is all about timing – being offered what you need when you need it. By increasing transparency and visibility between departments, you can get more out of your data. Let us show you how.

Preventative maintenance data and information are stored in field service management software. Salespeople can use historical service data to inform customers about upcoming services, educate them on the need for maintenance, and sell them one of the company’s services.

A salesperson can use the same logic to upsell inventory when it’s about to run out or suggest additional features that would be beneficial to a customer’s use case.

CRM Runner is designed to manage service jobs in the field and improve customer retention and field operations by streamlining and automating daily business activities.

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