Using a Client Database Software for Small Businesses Can Increase Revenue in 2019

Client database software for small businesses may seem like an unwise investment if one evaluates only the cost of acquiring and training.  However, the real value in a program that manages clients is the long term changes in costs, employees, and customer service.

Small changes can make a big difference in the bottom line for a small business.  Often stuck in between acquiring new clients and monitoring the service that loyal customers receive, managers and business owners find it hard to keep up while also continuing to grow and scale.  A simple answer to this age old problem is a client database software for small business.

Client Database Software for Small Businesses

What is a client database software for small business?

Designed for small businesses and their needs, this type of client database software helps the owner wear more hats and spend less time managing tasks.  A client database software is a program that houses and tracks information, purchases and communications with clients.  A more comprehensive software platform may also include other features that small businesses find helpful like inventory tracking and employee reporting.


CRM for Small Business


How does using a CRM to manage a business help increase profits?

Online CRM platforms keep communication in one place so that managers and employees are up-to-date on expectations, customer requests and team schedules.  Managing repetitive tasks with a CRM is about automation and keeps managers focused on managing instead of spending hours doing paperwork and data entry.  An effective CRM will also allow for customized reporting, access from anywhere and employee tracking.  This helps owners make informed decisions about where to spend less to make more.

A customizable CRM for small businesses is the best way to grow a in business in 2019.

Not all client relationship management tools have customizable options.  A customizable CRM for small businesses allows owners to control what is on their reports and what updates their employees have to give.  Creating reports that are similar to paperwork staff is already familiar with helps ensure they are willing to comply with implementing a new CRM system.

When implementing a customizable CRM for small businesses, managers and owners should take special care in the set up.  Taking the time to set up the right permissions, appropriate templates and effective dashboards help ensure that the small business is using this new investment to it’s full potential.  To get the most out of a new CRM, owners should also choose one that is cloud based.

The most popular CRM for small business in 2019 is cloud based

Online systems that are cloud based are considered to be the most popular CRM for small businesses.  Since small business owners are often also the lone solider in HR, accounting and sales – it’s essential that their client database software is available from anywhere.  Answering questions for customers and changing the schedule on the fly without a cloud based CRM is nearly impossible and almost always creates extra work, like touching base with the employee and the client.

Since cloud based CRM systems send an update to the client, the schedule and all team members all at once it saves time and money.  The most popular CRM for small business allows managers to check in with progress, client communication and sales totals from anywhere with an internet connection.  Cloud based systems update in real time and help track everything it takes run a business with the tap of button.

Reliable client database software programs offer a free trial

Client database software for small businesses created with a user friendly design offer a free trial.  During this free trial, business owners should take the time to set up the system just like they plan to use it for the long term.  This is the only way to truly know if the system will work for the way a business operates.  During and after the trial, it’s advised to ask employees who engage with the CRM most often for their feedback and what they would change if they could.

Owners who choose a customizable CRM for small business, like CRM Runner, find it easier to make the adaptations needed to keep employees engaged and motivated to use the new system.  After a month of use, it should be clear how the CRM system can help increase revenue and improve customer service.  Engaged and informed employees provide better service and in turn a more profitable 2019. To learn more about CRM Runner for your businesses, visit them online and schedule a free demo.


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