GPS tracking is helping companies reduce costs and improve customer service as they strive to gain a competitive edge in sales force productivity.

With GPS tracking apps built-in with CRM Software gaining popularity in companies with outside sales teams, companies have long used the technology in their business management.

When GPS tracking apps are integrated with an end-to-end CRM, such as CRM Runner, they provide you with immediate cost savings, boost business operations, and even increase sales for your company.

Let’s take a quick read of a CRM Software having a built-in GPS tracking app in it can help an organization keep track of its all employees, members, and contractors.

  • With the time clock and timesheet, you can calculate leaves, manage attendance, and calculate salary
  • As a time clock, CRM can track employee log-ins and log-outs
  • Examine the times of employee log-ins and log-outs
  • Maintain a record of teams and individuals
  • CRM system lets you drag and drop schedules
  • Automate the calculation of customer invoices based on employee work hours
  • You can track employee attendance and direct payroll as well as vendor payroll

By utilizing CMR Runner that comes built-in with a GPS tracking app, you can experience an improved behavior of your employees. Salespeople have a great deal of freedom in the field. By tracking GPS locations, you can verify whether your team members really met with the client or prospect they claim to have met with.

Verifying expense reimbursements can be completely eliminated by eliminating time spent meeting with sales reps. GPS tracking solutions enable you to automate and optimize these activities while providing your sales team with more time for client interaction.

You must identify each sales team member’s strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize your sales force and consistently improve performance. Thus, a GPS tracking app integrated with CRM Runner can assist in the sales processes.